Shots & Worming Schedule

Shot Schedule:

6-7 Wks. of Age: 1st Combo Vaccine(Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluencza, Coronavirus)

9 Wks. of Age: 2nd Combo Vaccine

12 Wks. of Age: 3rd Combo Vaccine & possibly a Lyme Vaccine inoculation. Generally a Lyme vaccine is then repeated 2 weeks, followed by annual renewals.

16 Wks. of Age: Last(4th) Combo Vaccine

12-16 Wks. of Age: Rabies Vaccine(required by law; your vet can recommend time intervals between boosters)



4-12 Wks. of Age: Begin worming every 2 weeks.

3-6 Mo.: Begin worming Monthly

6 Mo – on: Worm every 3 months.