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We are the Rogers Family, located in Sandy, Oregon  (Portland metro area) on 2 acres.  All of our dogs are a part of our family and are treated as such.

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What our puppy families say about their wonderful new family addition!


Cyndi, Paul and Bodie shared:

Bodie is doing great. He is really growing quickly. He is a very intelligent little guy. I had a friend over yesterday who is a dog trainer and she also evaluates puppies to see if they have the  qualities to become a therapy dog. She was very excited to see how quickly Bodie learns and how many commands he already knows at 11 weeks. I’m very excited to see him mature and find his place in the therapy world. He is a blessing and I’m grateful he is part of my family.

Thank you for breeding such amazing puppies.

Laurel, Executive Director – ASDA  shared:

Risley continues to grow and learn and be an amazing dog. He is a great ambassador, and I can’t tell you how often we get to tell people about your amazing program!


The Pessemier Family says:

Millie is doing very well and we are thoroughly enjoying her as part of our family. We have been in training once a week with for a month now and she is responding very well to sit, stay, lay and loose leash walking. All of these within her puppy capabilities of course.

She is very smart and has lots of puppy energy. She loves her kennel and it didn’t take long for her to start sleeping through the night. She thoroughly enjoys everybody she comes in contact with and wont stop wagging her tail. We love her very much!!

Cathi & John McLain wrote:

Capt. Hook, aka Jasper, is a wonderful puppy—friendly, sociable, lovable and smart. And so cute, people think he should be a model for a stuffed toy, especially after he received his first puppy trim to get the hair out of his eyes! My daughter and her fiance were here over the weekend and just fell in love with him, as have a host of friends we’ve had over in the past few days. One neighbor, a cat person, commented last night that she was so impressed by how well behaved he was, friendly, but not demanding, and willing to entertain himself (so many toys, so little time!). I really congratulate and thank you for providing us with a puppy that was already used to people and other dogs, and who, while being not a bit shy, is mellow and good with people and dogs of all ages.


The Legant family share:

We are delighted with our little messy mop of a dog, Rosie, AKA Boo.  She is a sweetheart and is the star of Wonder Pup class. We have heard horror stories about other breeders of labradoodles and are very glad we dealt with you–the whole process was smooth, and we got a great dog.


Anthony & family wrote:

We just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help us with all our questions, and for helping make our puppy transition so fantastic.
Henry is amazing, and such a smart, sweet dog! We’ve had a great day together and he’s been very happy and cooperative! He’s even played fetch in the backyard!
We are so thrilled he’s come to join our family. He’s going to have a very happy life!
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of raising him through his first weeks and have a great weekend.

Many thanks,
-Paul, Susan and Anthony


The Bayness family shared:

I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family. Sandy was from one of your earlier first generation litters and she is the perfect companion for us. She is almost 7 now and has slowed down a little but still is so full of love for everybody she meets. Any time we have a new groomer, vet, etc. they want to know where she is from and want to take her home. We love her to pieces and are so glad to have such a well behaved and loving family member.


The Weenig Family Shared:

“Eme is a wonderful dog! Our trainer(who trains the canine unit for our area) has asked us not to tell people  that he is training her because people will expect him to be able to get their labradoodles to preform as well as she does. He says her temperament is exceptional, and not common for labradoodles. We have a friend who will be contacting you. We couldn’t be happier with her. She is just a loving dog. Keep up the great breeding!!!”

What the Pangburn family had to say:

“Happy New Year to all of you.  We feel blessed to have these two amazing dogs thanks to you guys.”

The Allen family wrote:

“Happy Holidays and best wishes for a delightful New Year. We love our Neka girl. She is such a great dog. Everyone that meets her comments on what a terrific disposition she has. We ran into another Trails End puppy at the park last week. They had a great time playing together.
Thank you so much for our sweet girl.”

Autism Service Dogs of America said:

“I was the lucky puppy raiser to be with Mateo during his first few weeks as an ASDA service dog in training.  What a wonderful pup!  He has such an easy going demeanor and good natured personality, as well as a sincere desire to please.  I feel he will make an excellent service dog.

Your early training and careful breeding certainly showed in his calm nature.  He remained unruffled no matter what new circumstance or noise he encountered.

Many people that Mateo met were quickly enamored with him.  I mentioned your kennel name to all that seemed interested.

Again, thanks for all the time and effort that you put into raising such an amazing pup!”

The Taylor family shared:

I cannot begin to tell you both how happy we are with Zim, he is our pride and joy, our therapy dog:), the reason we get up and come home….he has really elevated our lives.

The Vinson family on Thanksgiving 2014:

We daily say THANKS for you and your breeding program. He(Louie) is such a comfort and joy to our daughter and has helped facilitate her recovery! Louie is a delight! Smart as a whip! Progressing quickly through training! People are amazed by his GREAT personality & intelligence. He has gone NE-SW throughout Oregon, to many different venues – never any trouble – so easy going! He is a doll!

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