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We have a sweet apricot girl that is ready for her guardian home now.

We will also have some wonderful puppies coming and ready for guardian homes this fall.

Call or email us if you are interested.

Please read below for the process of being a guardian home for our breeding dogs.




The following is the process for being a Guardian Home. Please feel completely free to ask us any questions!!

At Trails End Labradoodles, we believe that all dogs should live as a part of a family, and ours certainly do!

Most of our foundation breeding dogs have been retired but still live with us. In order for us to continue with our breeding program, future breeding dogs need be placed under our Guardian Home Program.

The Guardian Home Program allows families that live with in approximately 1 hour of Sandy (will consider others) to have the breeder’s pick of the litter or a top notch adolescent in training essentially for free! We do require at the start of the project a deposit. The Guardian Home puppy or dog will become Guardian Home’s Family forever at the end of its breeding career (at which time he/she will be neutered/spayed at Trail’s End Labradoodle’s expense and we will  REFUND THE ENTIRE DEPOSIT OF $1095 BACK TO THE GUARDIAN FAMILY). There are time limits on a breeding dog’s career (each situation is slightly different so we prefer to work out specific details with each family on an individual basis.)  All breeding related costs, including extensive health testing required by ALAA, are paid by us.

How to Qualify for Trail’s End Labradoodles Guardian Home Program

  • Fenced Yard
  • Own your home
  • Crate-train the puppy/dog
  • Ensure the puppy is well-socialized
  • Attend dog training classes with your dog
  • Provide routine veterinary care
  • Provide a diet approved by breeder
  • Live within 1 hour of Sandy, Oregon (Contact us regarding location)
  • Make the guardian home dog available for testing and breeding during the heat cycle & breeding time.


Feel free to CONTACT us for any more info!