Progress Report for Sienna’s Pups 11/2014



Temperaments for this litter seem well balanced; calm but playful. They did well at 1st bath, nail trim, 1st toys, new area to explore, and some loud sounds. They all love tummy rubs. They are all getting better at  pottying in the correct area.

Berry– named for berries as they are often red… He loves to be pet and wants a good tummy rub. He listens and watches us intently (He’s probably an intellectual). Berry is first to go in to investigate toys, batting them and following them as they move. Will he have drive for the ball? He actually seemed to enjoy his first bath and even liked licking water from my hand as it cascaded from the faucet. He’s playful but is able to settle down quickly.

Clifford- Named for the popular cartoon. He is adorable with a big splash of white on his chest and white on feet, head, and bottom lip (pretty sure it’s a goate). He loves to play and will climb into the puppy pile and end up in the most awkward position. Clifford experienced his 1st bath and had a nail trim with interest – no complaint. He is so expressive when being held. His body gradually relaxes as he looks into your eyes. Is a cuddler.

Giselle- Named for the princess in the movie “Enchanted,” who has the same reddish hair. Her coat is shiny, with wave that, if left to grow out, would emulate a movie star shot with the wind blowing through her hair… She is calm, sweet, loving and gives good eye contact. Giselle did not care for her bath. She will roll onto her back without any concern that a litter mate might step on her trying to get the attention.

Merrida- Named for the Scottish lass in “Brave.” Although she has none of the rebellious spirit, She does have red hair. She is the first to greet us with her tail wagging. She’s attentive with her eyes watching closely, and is eager to please and playful. Nothing bothers her. She is only too happy to show you her stomach.

Cardinal- Named after the beautiful red male bird often displayed on Christmas cards. He is the darkest red puppy in the bunch. His name sounds very confident – which he is. He seems laid back and easy. Likes a bit of wrestling and loves being on his back in your arms. He has no problem with eye contact. His favorite places for a scratch are ears and tummy.