Coat Info

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Coat Information:

The adult Labradoodle coat comes in between 7 to 14 months of age. During this time, his coat will be higher maintenance until the puppy coat comes out and his adult coat comes in.  During this time, brush often with some instruction(check out our blog, and click on the video below). This is a good time to visit the groomer. In fact, if you decide to have your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis, it is a great idea to go when the pup is about 12 weeks old (having been given his 1st 3 sets of shots 1st) for a puppy cut. Often groomers will offer a special price for this time to encourage you to come as a regular customer in the future. This will help your pup’s future visits to the Groomer easy.Your doggie will look so good, and you actually got to go to Starbucks while you were waiting…

Labradoodle coats vary with in the below categories. We love how they don’t smell like “dog,” don’t shed like many breeds.

The  FLEECE COAT is soft with big to small wavy or crimp curls; light weight, not wooly or thick like a poodle; and non shedding and  allergy/asthma friendly. It will need to be brushed through thoroughly about every 2 to 3 weeks and trimmed up to 4 times a year.

The FLEECE WOOL BLEND  is soft with  wavy  loose spirals. The coat is usually 3 to 4  inches long.  This coat needs to be combed out about 1 time a week. If it tends to mat at all, we suggest a grooming every 3 months. It is non-shedding and allergy friendly.

The WOOL COAT is somewhat poodle like, with tight curls, either soft or coarse, which requires trimming 4 times a year for very easy maintenance. A brush out maybe every month. It is non-shedding and allergy/ asthma friendly.

The HAIR COAT is soft silky and flat to straight with medium waviness and has a fluffy longer coat look. Regular brushing is recommended. This coat is low to non- shedding.

The labradoodle coat colors are Chalk (white), Cream, Apricot/Gold, Red, Chocolate, Caffé Latte, Black and silver.

Most Labradoodles love water and are pretty easy to bathe (or take swimming). The coat does not smell like a dog. Here’s a video on how to GROOM YOUR LABRADOODLE!  

We recommend using a very mild people shampoo like JASON, Doc Ackerman’s Dog & Cat shampoo, or DR. BRONNER’S Pure-castile tea tree oil or peppermint (diluted). Bathe only when needed.