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Now, there really are so many Labradoodle types out there and that’s why we wanted to place a grading scheme on our website. True Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle comes after a number of crosses. It has got completely different traits than Labradoodle origin (F1) generation. Below you can find an explanation.

LOLabradoodle Origin (6th or less generation
1 - 6Generation
PPParent Breed: Poodle
LPurebred Labradoodle
ALFAustralian Labradoodle Foundation (made up of 3 different parent types
PRParent Breed: Labrador Retriever
PSParent Breed: Cocker Spaniel
F1 or LO1PR X PP
F2 or LO2F1 x F1, F1B, or higher
F1B F1 x PP
F3 or LO3F2 x F2, or higher
F4 or LO4F3 x F3, or higher
F5 or LO5F4 x F4, or higher
F6 or LO6F5 x F5, or higher
ALF2 Australian LabradoodleF1 x ALF3 or higher generation